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Explorer Plus 1.0.0 Explorer Plus 1.0.0
Chilihot Soft

Explorer Plus was designed to be a very fast, small, compact and innovative file manager.

Chef 1.4.2 Chef 1.4.2
EJ innovations

Chef is a Windows software that will help you manage your recipes and your kitchen.

Dazzler's Inc. CD/DVD Cataloger v1.2.6 Dazzler's Inc. CD/DVD Cataloger v1.2.6

Dazzler's Inc.

FileHawk U3 Organizer 1.01 FileHawk U3 Organizer 1.01
Quadrom Services S.L.

uniKode for Russian 1.00 uniKode for Russian 1.00
MOG Software

uniKode for Russian is a virtual Russian keyboard that may work directly with most XP softwares even with Word, MSN, ICQor Skype.

Scribe License Terms Builder Scribe License Terms Builder
JIT Software Limited

Scribe License Terms Builder is a license terms generator for small software developers.

TrackTools 1.1 TrackTools 1.1
Scientific Toolworks

TrackTools is composed of two separate products, TrackBack and TrackDiff.

AL-Search 2.50 AL-Search 2.50

AL-search (Active Logic Search) was designed to be a powerful desktop search tool with user configurable, transparent search logic (all the features are configurable and visible).

SoftFirst DWG-DXF Converter 1.0 SoftFirst DWG-DXF Converter 1.0
Software First, Inc

SoftFirst DWG-DXF Converter is a compact and affordable application featuring an intuitive wizard-driven interface that allows to perform DWG to DXF, DXF to DWG and DWG/DXF version conversion.

FileCataloger 1.0.15 FileCataloger 1.0.15
Greendgh Software


myORTHO .0 Beta 1 myORTHO .0 Beta 1
Sathish Iyer

myORTHO is an open source orthodontic software.

Ognizer Anti Virus 1.0 beta 4 Ognizer Anti Virus 1.0 beta 4

OGAV is a free antivirus software for your Windows Operating System.

Media Tick 1.0 Media Tick 1.0
ToroSoft Software

Find all the media files on your PC! Media Tick will even find all the hidden media files that you don't even know are there, including temporary internet files, cached files, etc! Drag-n-drop to rearrange your media collection.

Amblit Easy Navigator 2.0 Amblit Easy Navigator 2.0
Amblit Technologies

Amblit Easy Navigator is an application that helps you organize access to your programs, web sites, files, individual web pages and personal notes the way you want.

Simulum 0.04.44 Simulum 0.04.44
Michael Meyling

Simulum deals with different simulations of star movements and their visualizations.

TTCalc 0.8.0 TTCalc 0.8.0
Tomasz Sowa

TTCalc is a mathematical calculator that features a well structured graphical interface and is very easy to use.

FuncPlotter 1.6 FuncPlotter 1.6

FuncPlotter is a combined Java application and applet for displaying two-dimensional plots of explicit functions in one variable.

Reduce Exe 1.3 Reduce Exe 1.3
Dirk Paehl

Reduce Exe is a free and simple to use application for correcting Windows Portable Executable files.

Sifter 1.81 Sifter 1.81
Larry F. Diehl III

Sifter is an image management utility that views, converts, sorts and deletes all common image formats.

FromMyHeart 1.0 FromMyHeart 1.0
Ron Fulkerson

FromMyHeart is a simple and fun program that allows you to post messages to your desktop, like sticky notes.

PowerMate 1.5.3 PowerMate 1.5.3
Griffin Technology

PowerMate is the coolest volume knob your computer has ever seen - but it’s so much more.

Neuro Doctor 1.0 Neuro Doctor 1.0

Neuro Doctor is a complete guide to the management of the twelve most common neurology problems afflicting man today.

GROOVE 1.4.2 GROOVE 1.4.2
Tom Staijen

GROOVE is a project centered around the use of simple graphs for modelling the compile-time, design-time and run-time structure of object-oriented systems, and graph transformations as a basis for model transformation and operational semantics.

Folder Changing Icons 1.47 Folder Changing Icons 1.47

Folder Changing Icons is a set of icons for Windows95/98 and WindowsNT 4.

PyMCA 4.0.7 PyMCA 4.0.7
Beamline Instrumentation Software Support

PyMCA is a ready to use, and in many aspects state-of-the-art, set of applications implementing most of the needs of X-ray fluorescence data analysis.