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Calc98 5.3 Calc98 5.3
Flow Simulation Ltd.

Calc98 is a pocket calculator simulator program for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Phoxel Unit Converter 1.0 Phoxel Unit Converter 1.0
Yaman Roumani

Phoxel Unit Converter is an easy-to-use freeware that will let you convert from-to any unit.

AllTrans 2.321 AllTrans 2.321
Hans-Gerd Duenck-Kerst

AllTrans can be used for world wide professional coordinate transformations between international and national coordinate systems with or without geodetic datum change.

AlcoDens 2.5 AlcoDens 2.5
Katmar Software

AlcoDens allows you to convert the density of ethanol-water mixtures in a wide variety of units to and from concentration expressed in Volume, Mass or Molar terms.

Uconeer 3.3 Uconeer 3.3
Katmar Software


WorldCalc WorldCalc
Cloanto Corporation

WorldCalc is a calculator and currency converter with daily exchange rate updates provided by Cloanto, a leader in currency software and services.

ME Weights 3.0 ME Weights 3.0
Michael Rainey

ME Weights 3.

Conversions+ Conversions+
JSoft Consulting

Ever wonder how many Eastern Mediterranean Piks are in a French Arpent? how many meters per statue mile? or how many liters there are in a British bucket? Wonder no more because Conversions+ is a conversion program with over 600 different conversions.

Quick Measure 2.1.40 Quick Measure 2.1.40
Vogue Mechanics Software

Quick Measure is a U.

AllConcentrations 1.0a AllConcentrations 1.0a

AllConcentrations - software for solution concentrations conversions.

CCUnits 3.5 CCUnits 3.5
Castillo Bueno Systems

CCUnits is a program to convert units of measure common in engineering and science.

Unit Conversion Tool 5.0 Unit Conversion Tool 5.0
Unit Conversion Tools

Unit conversion tool can convert about 250 various types of measurement units from one system of measure to another.

PicoCurrency 0.1.1 PicoCurrency 0.1.1

100% Assembly Language written small (9216 bytes) real-time world currency converter utility.

English2metric 1.0 English2metric 1.0
Maksim Sosnovskiy

English2metric is a unit converter designed especially for non-technical users.

Fahrenheit Converter 1 Fahrenheit Converter 1

Need a quick and easy way to visually discover the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius? Fahrenheit Converter is the way to go! Simply watch conversions appear before your eyes as you slide up and down the temperature scale! Its that easy.

Versaverter 3.0.178 Versaverter 3.0.178

Versaverter has rapidly gained popularity world-wide as one of the fastest and most complete conversion tools around.

International Currency Converter 1.0.1 International Currency Converter 1.0.1

International Currency Convertor is a free and useful light weight Desktop extension written for Currency Information from http://finance.

WinThermO 1.1 WinThermO 1.1
Measurement And Conversion Software

WinThermO is a graphical, interactive, temperature conversion and display utilility.

AlcoVol 1.1 AlcoVol 1.1
Measurement And Conversion Software

AlcoVol is a graphical, interactive, fluid volumes conversion and display utilility.

DataRelate 1.2 DataRelate 1.2
Measurement And Conversion Software

DataRelate is a data storage, data rate, network address and base conversion utility.

Compulator 1.9 Compulator 1.9
Savant Software Inc

Compulator is a unit converter / calculator that prints a tape.

Capacity Measure Converter 1.0 Capacity Measure Converter 1.0

Simple Roman Numeral Converter 1.0 Simple Roman Numeral Converter 1.0
Mark Doktor

chrcode 1.1 chrcode 1.1
David Dirkse

Metrology computations 1.0 Metrology computations 1.0
Super Smart Software

Metrology computations is used primarily for the Reishaw UCC control system, including the UCC1 and UCC2.