MegaPing Screenshot MegaPing is the ultimate set of diagnostics and information utilities.

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MegaPing is the ultimate set of diagnostics and information utilities.

It brings the convenience of Windows to the most commonly used internet utilities, including DNS lookup name, DNS list hosts, Finger, Host Monitor, IP scanner, NetBIOS scanner, Network time synchronizer, Ping, Port scanner, Share Scanner, Traceroute, and Whois.

MegaPing provides detailed information about running applications, processes, and loaded modules used by different programs.

It also provides information about local shared resources, including hidden shares, established sessions by remote computers, files opened by remote computers, and connected remote shared resources.

MegaPing can display important system information, including ICMP protocol information and statistics, IP routing table information, TCP connect table information, TCP protocol information and statistics , UDP open ports information , UDP protocol information and statistics, interfaces information and statistics , IP routing information, and ARP information.

MegaPing features include:
-monitoring multiple remote computers.
-notifiyng system administrator with visual, sound, and email alerts.
-processing any number of ping, traceroute, general DNS, DNS AFXR, finger, and whois requests simultaneously.
-vital system information, and more.

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