AssetTracker 1.0

AssetTracker 1.0 Screenshot AssetTracker allows you to get all the info you need from your Windows network.

Developer:   Gernot Unger
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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AssetTracker allows you to get all the info you need from your Windows network. You can either let AssetTracker crawl your network via domain/IP-range or use it via a logon-script to be always up-to-date.

The innovative GUI lets you take control of your hardware/software/licenses fast and easy. The 100% transparent VB-Script lets you add custom infos. You choose what you want to track!

AssetTracker features
  • Track any soft- and hardware in your network including license-management.
  • 100% compatible from Windows NT on up to Windows Vista.
  • An innovative and easy-to-use GUI.
  • No database needed.
  • No other special hard or software is used. Just a SMB-share on the OS of your choice!
  • Windows- & Office-Key management
  • You miss some data? Add it on your own via a 100% transparent visual basic script!

  • .NET 2.0+

  • It is fully functional, but limited to 10 computers

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