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25 NEW XP Icons 25 NEW XP Icons

25 NEW XP Icons offers 25 excellent icons for Windows XP, that cover most popular programs like Mirc, Quake and a lot of others.

Icon to Any 3.27 Icon to Any 3.27
Aha Soft

Icon to Any is a smart application that lets you convert any icon, or cursor to an image.

Any to Icon 3.57 Any to Icon 3.57

Any to Icon converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, WMF, WBMP, XPM, XBM and CUR formats into Windows icons.

Icon Suite II 2.10.0001 Icon Suite II 2.10.0001

Diplodock Icon Suite II is a set of professional programs for icon editing and management integrated in a single suite.

HappyIcon 4.00 HappyIcon 4.00

HappyIcon turns large images and photos into perfectly proportioned icon, XP profile iconss and cursors with a minimum of fuss.

ActivIcons 5.1 ActivIcons 5.1
CursorArts Company

ActivIcons helps you customize the Windows desktop, icons and cursor attributes.

IconPackager 3.2 IconPackager 3.2, Inc.

IconPackager is an application that will allow users to change almost all of their Windows icons at once by applying "packages" of icons.

SuperICL 1.0 SuperICL 1.0

Super Icon Library (SuperICL) allows you to build and maintain icon libraries as desired with no limit on the number of icons in each library.

ArtIcons 5.49 ArtIcons 5.49

Aha-soft ArtIcons lets you to find and extract icons, create and edit icons, import and export icons and manage icon libraries.

ArtIcons Pro 5.52 ArtIcons Pro 5.52

Aha-soft ArtIcons Pro is made for efficient icon creation and management and gives you a lot of features that cannot be found in standard graphics applications.

IconForge Icon Editing Tool Kit 7.20 IconForge Icon Editing Tool Kit 7.20

IconForge Icon Editing Tool Kit is a complete graphics suite for creating, extracting, and modifying icons, cursors, animated icons or cursors and many other images.

Frozen Icons 2.25 Frozen Icons 2.25

When you work with the Microsoft Windows operating system, you may experience the problem of unexpectedly changed icons.

Wise Icon Maker 1.5.19 Wise Icon Maker 1.5.19

Wise Icon Maker can create icons, extract, and convert all graphics to 32-bit color depth Icon.

ABBIcon Pro 5.1 ABBIcon Pro 5.1

ABBIcon Pro is a useful, professional and powerful icon conversion and management utility.

Icons from file 5.1.1 Icons from file 5.1.1
Vitaliy Levchenko

Extracts icons or icon arrays from files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.

CustomIcons 4.3 CustomIcons 4.3

CustomIcons is an ultimate tool for customizing the icons on your desktop, in Windows Start menu, for your folders and many other locations.

IconCreator 4.5 IconCreator 4.5

IconCreator 4.

Program Icon Changer 6.1736 Program Icon Changer 6.1736

Program Icon Changer allows users to replace program icons.

xp style icons Free xp style icons Free

xp style icons Free - hundreds of professional XP style icons that come with highly professional design for use in your GUI and web based applications.

Picture To Icon 5.1736 Picture To Icon 5.1736

Picture To Icon converts images or any part on your screen into icons, resizes the icon and extracts icons from libraries.

Comic Tiger 1 Comic Tiger 1
The FastIcon

24 freeware icons designed in cartoon style, was inspired in the look of Apple's Tiger operating system.

99 icons 1.0 99 icons 1.0

This collection represents 99 icons of the most used icons in software or web applications.

Hydra Icon Editor 1.0 Hydra Icon Editor 1.0

Hydra is a suitable tool for creating the icons and cursors you always dreamed about.

Buddy Icon Grabber 1.04 Buddy Icon Grabber 1.04
Icon Grabber Team

Buddy Icon Grabber is a 32 bit utility designed to scan the directories and drives on your computer and extract all icons it finds inside of all exe, dll, scr, ocx, ico, and icl files.

Miscellaneous Icon Set 2.0 Miscellaneous Icon Set 2.0
Debi Dawn

Miscellaneous Icon Set is a useful and free set of 10 various icons, including fishbowl, calendar, key, ice, rainbow, etc.