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Business Gauges 1.1.5 Screenshot Business Gauges lets you monitor your business performance using hovering gauges on your desktop and centralized data sensors.

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Business Gauges lets you monitor your business performance using hovering gauges on your desktop and centralized data sensors. Business Gauges is an agile, easy-to-use software, allowing any company or organization, of any scale, to gain the competitive advantage of using real-time business dashboard software.

Using Business Gauges heads-up display you can now easily monitor the data you need, so you can always know how well your business performs without wasting precious time gathering the information yourself.

Business Gauges programmable data sensors can collect numerical values from web pages, databases, files, message queues and other data sources within or outside the enterprise.

Business Gauges features
  • Hovering Desktop GadgetsTired of logging in and out of countless applications and web sites over and over again just to retrieve bits and pieces of information? Enter the business flight deck. See your important business performance data in an intuitive, easy to read heads-up display. Business Gauges Dashboard is always under your fingertips, integrating any number of data-sources and showing your key performance indicators, all the time, in real-time.
  • Create Customized Dashboard ConfigurationsYou can mix-and-match gauges together and set their individual properties to create your own set of dashboard configurations, one for each task or topic. (i.e. "Sales Performance", "Web Site Performance", "Stocks Portfolio" etc.)
  • Thresholds AlertsDefine minimum and maximum thresholds to trigger visual and audible alerts so you can react to important events in real-time. You can even have alerts sent to you via E-Mail.
  • And More...Configure your dashboard to take automatic snapshots of your gauges and upload the image files using FTP. Log gauge measurements for your next staff meeting or to send via e-mail to your colleagues using your personal dashboard log. Color-code your gauges and use auto-hide to seamlessly integrate the dashboard with your working environment.
  • Web Page SensorsWeb Page Sensors collect numerical values from your enterprise web portals, web applications or from the World-Wide-Web and transmit these values directly to your dashboard. Intelligent scraping algorithms will ensure the data can be collected, even if the page is changing over time. Defining web page sensor takes only a few minutes and is performed by pointing & clicking in the Console.
  • Database SensorsDatabase Sensors sample performance information stored in relational databases using user-defined SQL statements. The following OLE-DB and ODBC providers are supported:
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Access
  • Excel
  • Asynchronous SensorsAsynchronous Sensors listen for incoming performance updates from any enterprise application, message bus or service bus. Numerical information can be sent to the Business Gauges Service asynchronous gateway using a simple HTTP GET request. The Business Gauges Console automatically generates the glue code (in Java, C#, VB.NET, Perl and Python) so all that is left to do is just copy and paste.
  • Scripted SensorsScripted Sensors execute user-defined Python® script to sample any numerical value from any data source accessible using a script. Remote or local log files, FTP sites, web services or command line processes as well as other various sources of information can be used to collect numerical values and transmit this information to the user dashboards.
  • Security and Data SafetyNo effort has been spared by our development team to ensure maximum data safety and security in Business Gauges. Data files, sensor modules and data-feed blocks are encrypted using an industry standard 128-bit encryption. A permissions system gives the administrator full control over which users or groups of users can see each gauge, helping to keep access to data appropriate to the management environment. Business Gauges also has a built-in service logger, registering important user and system events for reference and auditing.
  • Lean & MeanBusiness Gauges introduces an extremely efficient integration into your existing hardware, drastically reducing your outlay costs. We believe there is no reason why enterprise software should be any different than consumer software so we developed Business Gauges to run on any computer capable of running Windows XP and up. Further more, Business Gauges does not require 3rd party application server licenses. With a single Business Gauges Service instance installed, it can be used by up to 256 concurrent dashboard connections.
  • Sensors WorkshopDefining and configuring new sensors takes only a few minutes with Business Gauges Console easy-to-use form-based sensors workshop. Choose a sensor type you want to define and the new sensor is automatically created in the Business Gauges Service. Configuring, testing and publishing the sensor can also be easily accomplished, all within a single and unified administrative environment.
  • User ManagementBusiness Gauges Console user management features provide a complete authorization and authentication solution. Privileged administrators can define new users, assign system permissions and control sensor access partitioning using the a simple, form-based user interface.

  • 20Mb of free disk space to install
  • 128Mb of RAM on Windows XP
  • 256 RAM on Windows Server 2003 and Vista

  • The trial edition is limited to 30 days. When using the trial edition, you will be able to use only three (3) concurrent dashboard connections and create three (3) sensors and users

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