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BigSpeed Zipper is a .zip format compression application.

Being simple and intuitive to use with its explorer-style interface, it boasts a large number of features the other utilities on the market do not have.

The most notable one is the ability to extract files from archives on remote servers without having to download the archive.

The possibilities given by this and other features change the whole concept of an archive utility.

BigSpeed Zipper also allows you to search in all zip files on the disk for specified files or text inside them, view the contents of zip files while downloading them, automate frequently used compression operations, backup files in zip format to disk or FTP server, upload zip files to FTP servers, send zip files as email attachments, synchronize the contents of zip files and folders, split/join files to/from smaller chunks, repair damaged zip files, create self-extracting packages, create multiple volume zip archives (including on non removable drives). And even this isn't all this program can do.

If you require maximum functionality from a .zip utility, make this one your first choice. It's free, by the way!

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BigSpeed Zipper 4.1 BigSpeed Zipper 4.1

BigSpeed Zipper is a .

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