AddFlow ActiveX Control 5.4

AddFlow ActiveX Control 5.4 Screenshot AddFlow is an ActiveX control that lets you quickly build flowchart-enabled applications.

Developer:   Lassalle Technologies
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AddFlow is an ActiveX control that lets you quickly build flowchart-enabled applications.

AddFlow ActiveX Control it is useful for creating diagrams without presentation , building flowcharts and more.

Features such as distinct colors, fonts, shapes, styles, pictures, text, and so on for each object of the diagram (node or link) are available. Nodes stay connected when moved. Metafiles support, serialization, multi-level undo/redo, printing, zooming, Bezier and spline curves, reflexive links, link jumps, gradient colors, link autorouting, custome shapes, multiselection, scrolling, user data association, navigation in the graph. Runtime distribution is royalty free. AddFlow allows building a graph:

- either interactively (you can create a full diagram without any programmation)
- either programmaticaly (because it offers a set of OLE automation objects, properties and methods allowing for instance to create a node at a given position).

AddFlow ActiveX Control features

  • Runtime-royalty free
  • Digitally signed
  • Interactive and programmatic drawings
  • Navigation (You can access every nodes and links of a diagram with just 5 properties).
  • Collections support (nodes, links, selected nodes, selected links)
  • Customization: many properties allowing to customize the control (CanDrawNode, CanMoveNode, ReadOnly, etc...)
  • Graph autolayout algorithms via the LayoutFlow extensions

  • Metafiles support (WMF, EMF)
  • Serialization of diagrams (LoadFile, SaveFile methods)
  • Clipboard management
  • Printing and print previewing
  • XML support

  • Scrolling (interactive and programmatic)
  • Autoscrolling
  • Selection and Multiselection of nodes and links(interactive and programmatic).
  • Nodes stay connected when moved or resized.
  • Multilevel Undo/Redo feature
  • Link autorouting

    Display facilities
  • Back picture
  • Zooming
  • Grid support (ShowGrid, SnapToGrid, GridColor, GridStyle, xGrid, yGrid properties)
  • OwnerDraw events

  • Ability to associate a text, a unique key, a tooltip, a tag and a variant to a node or a link

    Nodes and links
  • Change painting order of objects (ZOrderIndex property)
  • Distinct colors for each object (FillColor, ForeColor, DrawColor, GradientColor)
  • Distinct fonts for each object
  • Distinct drawing styles (DrawStyle property)
  • Hidden objects
  • Node and link runtime property pages

  • Stretchable links. A link can be composed of many segments.
  • Curved links (Bezier curves and spline curves)
  • Rigid links. If a link is rigid, it follows (without being stretched) its origin node when this origin node is being dragged.
  • Reflexive links
  • Links having only vertical and horizontal segments
  • Ability to adjust the position of the first and last point of a link
  • 20 arrow styles for links
  • Jumps displayed at the intersection of links
  • Rounded corners for polyline links

  • Ability to associate a picture (bitmap, standard or enhanced metafile, icon, GIF, JPEG) to a node
  • 46 distinct shapes for nodes
  • Transparent nodes
  • Text alignment
  • Autosize options for nodes
  • Shadows
  • Standard "in place editing"
  • Gradient color

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