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Liberty BASIC 4.03 Liberty BASIC 4.03
Shoptalk Systems

Liberty BASIC is an award winning version of BASIC makes it easy to write software for Windows.

IBasic 2.02D IBasic 2.02D
Pyxia Development

IBasic - create stand-alone Windows programs, 3D games, utilities, and console applications with easy to use IBasic language.

Mobile Basic 2.1 build 13213 Mobile Basic 2.1 build 13213
Firth Software

Mobile BASIC represents the easy way to write your own applications for your Mobile Phone.

Order Form Source Code 5.2 Order Form Source Code 5.2
DynoTech Software

ATTENTION SOFTWARE AUTHORS: Visual Basic source code will let you add an order form to your program.

Excelsior JET for Windows 7.2 Excelsior JET for Windows 7.2
Excelsior LLC

Excelsior JET is a complete solution for acceleration, protection and deployment of your Java(tm) applications.

Just BASIC 1.01 Just BASIC 1.01
Shoptalk Systems

Just BASIC is a programming language for the Windows operating system.


CMSCreator2 generates a fully featured ASP.

PLCEdit 0.9.6 build 016.096 PLCEdit 0.9.6 build 016.096
Martin Rehfeldt

PLCEdit is a software project of macsmac.

IHImageX 1.1.0 IHImageX 1.1.0
JistaBout Software

This versatile ActiveX control allows you to add scaleable image viewing to your applications with utmost ease.

PlayBasic 1.63 PlayBasic 1.63
Underware Design

PlayBasic is full featured game creation language for windows.

Delphi to C++ Builder 1.5 Delphi to C++ Builder 1.5
Thinker Software

Ubercode 1.2 Ubercode 1.2
Ubercode Software

Ubercode makes it easy to learn to program for Windows.

SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL) 4.2 SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL) 4.2
EldoS Corporation

SFTPBlackbox (ActiveX edition) is a comprehensive collection of native components that add client-side support for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to your Windows applications.

Omega Basic 1.1 Omega Basic 1.1
Digital Zenith

Omega Basic is a useful and complete 2D engine that gives you full access to sounds, midi music, over the air networking, internet access, camera commands and then wrapped it all up into a programming language originally developed for hobbyists! Here are some key features of "Omega Basic": · Full easy to learn language · Provided project based editor · Direct compilation into 100% native Java · Final product ready for real mobiles · Optimized 2D engine (.

DesignerXSL 1.03 DesignerXSL 1.03
United Business Technologies

DesignerXSL is a development tool that provides XSL style-sheet developers the ability to interactively debug style-sheets.

Brutus2D 1.5 Brutus2D 1.5
Pewter Software

Brutus2D is a BASIC-style language that can create fast and small stand-alone executables.

Studio Complete 1.0 Studio Complete 1.0

Studio Complete is a useful coding turbo utility for Visual Studio .

Axiomatic Multi-Platform C 1.5.2 Axiomatic Multi-Platform C 1.5.2
Axiomatic Solutions

Axiomatic Multi-Platform C (AMPC) is a powerful C compiler suite which generates Java bytecode.

Dr Parse 2.5 Dr Parse 2.5

Dr Parse is a powerful program that deploys LR-DFA and LR1 language independent parse generators with capabilities to support multiple DFA/LR parse engines in a single application.

DC3 Compiler - Interpreter 1.0 DC3 Compiler - Interpreter 1.0
Lorenzi Davide

DC3 is a complete but limited (because I've neither the time nor the will to enhance it) VB like compiler/interpreter that can be used for learning how to create a complete and fully functional compiler.

Gecko Programming Language 1.0 Gecko Programming Language 1.0
GeckoSoft Nigeria

Gecko is a unique, useful and RESULT-ORIENTED Programming Language developed by Chidiebere M.

NGASM 8086/8088 Assembler 1.3 NGASM 8086/8088 Assembler 1.3
Systech Software

NGASM 8086/8088 Assembler is a free tool that simplifies learning the Assembly Language.

Python 2.5 Python 2.5
Python Software Foundation

Python is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains.

SkyIDE 1.0 Beta 12 SkyIDE 1.0 Beta 12

SkyIDE gives you a free integrated development environment for C++, Java and other languages.

Add-in Express .NET for VSTO Premium Suite 2.6 Add-in Express .NET for VSTO Premium Suite 2.6
Add-in Express Ltd.

Add-in Express .