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@RISK 4.5.5 Screenshot @RISK is designed to be world's most powerful risk analysis software.

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@RISK is designed to be world's most powerful risk analysis software. Take into account all possible scenarios using Monte Carlo simulation. Work directly in Excel, create presentation-quality graphs, use distribution fitting, and more!

@RISK enhances any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet model by adding the power of Monte Carlo simulation.

Monte Carlo simulation is a technique which examines the range of possible outcomes in a given situation and tells you how likely different scenarios are to occur. @RISK is perfectly suited to do just that.

Use the @RISK functions to customize your models with the performance measures that are suited for your project.

@RISK features
  • Easy, accurate definition of variation using 38 probability distribution functions
  • Sensitivity Analysis to identify key factors which drive variation and uncertainty
  • Distribution fitting to allow you to quickly define your data set
  • Scenario Analysis determines which combinations of input variables led to different outcomes
  • Fastest Monte Carlo simulation engine on the market saves valuable time
  • Ability to use multiple CPUs in a single machine to speed up large simulations
  • Correlation of uncertain inputs to reflect real-life dependencies between elements
  • Risk analysis to determine the extent of quality issues and identify the key drivers
  • Optimization to generate a viable solution to meet your goals
  • Seamless integration of risk analysis and optimization lets you perform multiple analyses on the same models

    Note: When prompted for a Serial Number and Key Code, type the word "TRIAL" (without the quotation marks) in the Serial Number field, and leave the Key Code field blank.

  • 10 days trial

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    @RISK is designed to be world's most powerful risk analysis software.

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