Zoommy 7.1

Zoommy 7.1 Screenshot Magnifying the selected area of the screen.

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Magnifying the selected area of the screen. Replacement for MS Magnifier. The area of the screen is shown in the lens window with customizable magnification up to 20 times. The lens is controlled as easily as possible: a click on the Zoommy icon in the tray shows the lens, another click hides it.

A right click on the same icon opens a menu with parameters. Each of them can be changed with one more click. Zoommy is a magnifier tool for the visually impaired. Using Zoommy it is possible to adjust contrast, brightness, color mode: normal, inverse, black and white or gray gradations. The size of the lens is also customizable. Its unique mode can slow down the mouse when the specified magnification level is used.

This mode is automatically disabled when you hide the magnifier. The lens window shows the current magnification, proportionally magnified mouse pointer and its current coordinates.

The pointer looks in a special way that will help to precisely determine the actual position of the mouse pointer and also the color of the pixel the pointer is currently pointing to. The color of the pixel is in the RGB format (red, green and blue) and in the hexadecimal format.

The program can run in two modes: the lens follows the mouse pointer or is fixed in a certain position on the screen. It has a simple and comfortable interface. If you want it, Zoommy can be automatically launched at Windows startup

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