WinSpeedUp 2.9

WinSpeedUp 2.9 Screenshot WinSpeedUp is a tuning and optimizing program for Windows.

Developer:   Script Soft
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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WinSpeedUp is a tuning and optimizing program for Windows.
With WinSpeedUp you get access to hidden sytem options with which you can accelerate and improve Windows.

Programs are started faster, the harddrive is cleaned up and the sytem start gets shortened and you can get further information about your computer. You can deal with settings which the original Windows surface merely reveals by a long way round.

With WinSpeedUp you adjust Windows to your needs and accelerate your internet connection.

WinSpeedUp features
- Accelerate Windows start up
- Clean up harddrives
- Tune start files
- DirectX information
- Accelerate autostart
- Edit start menu
- Start programs faster
- Information about Windows
- Adjust user defined restrictions
- Increase internet performance
- Clean up Registry
- Uninstall programs
- Set Windows logos
- Repair Windows
- Hide drives
  • ...and much more hints and settings

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