ServiceView 1.3.903.8

ServiceView 1.3.903.8 Screenshot Use this program and You get expanding control of the services.

Developer:   S. Skomorohov A. Kyunov
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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Use this program and You get expanding control of the services.

Conditionally services are divided into two categories - Services and Devices. Services, as a rule, related to hight level of functioning of operational system. Devices represent the low level responsible for interrelation of physical computer components to logic OS components. Mechanism of management Service and Device in system similar. Distinction consists in ability to set any "Log On Account" to Service. For Devices "Log On Account" always is "NT AUTHORITYSYSTEM".

To control services (devices drivers) it is possible either from the list or having chosen necessary service (device driver) in the tree. Last gives more possibilities. However, using the list to operate with groups (marking necessary objects according to the certain criterion, for example, according to the start file location, a status and etc.). You may sorting list by click on necessary header.

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ServiceView 1.3.903.8 screenshot

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Use this program and You get expanding control of the services.

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