Power Clock 8.48

Power Clock 8.48 Screenshot Power Clock, the ultimate employee time clock.

Developer:   Robbie Fletcher
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Power Clock, the ultimate employee time clock.

Power Clock replaces the outdated mechanical time clock used in most businesses. It has many features that even the most advanced mechanical time clock can't duplicate.
Now there is no reason to use an outdated mechanical device.

Power Clock is a program that helps you to know your employee arrivals.

Easy to use and familiar interface that looks like a traditional mechanical clock.
Power Clock is easy for non-computer people to use.
Your employees can learn to use Power Clock in a matter of minutes.

Built-in Email.
Employees are notified of waiting mail when they clock in.
Job, Phase, and Production tracking.
Automatic lunch and break deductions.

Automatic clock out.
If an employee stays clocked in too long Power Clock can automatically clock them out at a certain time of day, after a number of hours, or after a their computer is idle.

Barcode scanner support. The Power Clock infrared barcode scanner allows employees to clock
in and out using specially coded cards.

Automatic synchronization of files among different physical locations. Power Clock can connect to remote sites via the internet or any TCP/IP network. If you have a central office and several stores or job sites, your stores can connect to the home office via the internet and send all employee hours.

Import and export to Intuit Quickbooks Pro, dBase, Text.

Advanced change log. The administrator or manager can see at a glance what fields and files were changed, who changed them, and what time they were changed.

Small and fast, runs on any Windows computer. Use your old computer that is gathering dust to replace your mechanical time clock.

Customizable reports.
Customizable security profiles.
Secure time server. Employees can't cheat by changing computer time.
Automatic data backup.
Unlimited client-server network operation. Can even connect to server via the internet.

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Power Clock 8.48 screenshot

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