XDuplicator Beta 5

XDuplicator Beta 5 Screenshot XDuplicator is a free CDR program.

Developer:   Mariposa Inc
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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XDuplicator is a free CDR program. More precisely, it is a graphical user interface (GUI) for CDRDAO recording engine which enables you to create and record TOC/CUE/BIN files, read/write in RAW mode, and copy cds.

XDuplicator also supports Paranoia advanced DAE engine, CDDB, encoding of a CD into MP3 files without any gaps between them. XDuplicator comes in a simple and light user interface with minimal requirements on system resources and is amazingly fast.

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XDuplicator Beta 5 screenshot

Download XDuplicator Beta 5

 Download XDuplicator Beta 5

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XDuplicator is a free CDR program.

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