HebJuggler 1.5.0

HebJuggler 1.5.0 Screenshot HebJuggler is a freeware utility designed for automated conversion of Hebrew text formats.

Developer:   Oren Souroujon
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HebJuggler is a freeware utility designed for automated conversion of Hebrew text formats.

HebJuggler supports various Hebrew text formats including different character sets (codepages) and bi-directional settings.

HebJuggler can also support the configuration of multiple conversion profiles, allowing fast switching between frequently used conversion styles.

During typical use, HebJuggler is minimized as a system tray icon. Whenever a predefined hotkey is pressed, HebJuggler acts upon the selected text of the currently active edit window, replacing the original text with the converted text.

HebJuggler features
With HebJuggler, you may convert:
  • The Hebrew encoding format of complete files
  • Visual Hebrew text from the Web to logical Hebrew text which can be used in a regular editor
  • Selected text in the currently active application by pressing a predefined hotkey
  • Text residing in the Windows clipboard
  • Text in HTML source files
  • Text encoded in different character sets (like old DOS Hebrew text files) to the Windows character set, and vice versa
  • HTML Unicode numeric entity references to other formats
  • Quoted-printable Hebrew characters (used in e-mail applications) to other formats

    HebJuggler allows you to:
  • Flip (or reverse) only selected items in a given text, like:
    Hebrew words or phrases
    English words or phrases
    Various kinds of numerical expressions
  • Set up several conversion profiles to neatly arrange different settings for different uses
  • Determine the proper end-of-line format of the output file
  • Change the letter case of English characters
  • Deal with leading and trailing spaces
  • Determine the correct 'qwerty' mapping of Hebrew characters to English ones and vice versa
  • Recover 'Fake' Unicode content residing in the Windows clipboard

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    HebJuggler 1.5.0 screenshot

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