CD2ISO 1.02

CD2ISO 1.02 Screenshot CD2ISO is a simple tool to extract .

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CD2ISO is a simple tool to extract .iso images from your cd or dvd disk. It will read any drive as raw disk, so you can also use it to make a sector dump of a removable drive (cd, dvd or floppy).

Cd2iso works very straight-forward. It will dump raw sectors of a filesystem. You do not need any additional dll files.

CD2ISO can be used to make iso dumps of a CD or DVD drive and to verify the checksum of existing or just-burned disks.


CD2ISO 1.02 screenshot

Download CD2ISO 1.02

 Download CD2ISO 1.02

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CD2ISO 1.02 CD2ISO 1.02

CD2ISO is a simple tool to extract .

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