Abykus SE 1.32

Abykus SE 1.32 Screenshot Abykus is an easy-to-use spreadsheet designed for business and scientific applications.

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Abykus is an easy-to-use spreadsheet designed for business and scientific applications. The program combines object-oriented functionality with traditional spreadsheet operations, allowing you to store multi-value data types (such as arrays and matrixes) in a single cell.

This not only saves valuable space on your worksheets, but it also significantly reduces the overhead needed to manage data. Cell objects can either stand alone or be used as a building blocks to form other objects that are continuously recalculated as changes are made to key values throughout the worksheet.

Abykus has also replaced the familiar "A1" cell naming convention with a more powerful notation that uses numbers (i.e. algebraic expressions) or even other cell addresses to represent a cell's row and column position. This powerful, yet intuitive, new convention makes it possible to create dynamic cell addresses that reference different cells depending on the results of a specific calculation.

Functions can also tailored to your specific needs, using an integrated script language (which uses a syntax that's similar to the C programming language). Scripts look and behave like built-in functions and are easy to maintain and share between worksheets, since they are created, stored, and accessed from external library files as opposed to being imbedded in the worksheet itself.

Abykus SE features
  • no crippled features
  • no trial period
  • no registration fee
  • 127 columns x 8191 rows x 16 worksheets (Abykus SE)
  • 255 columns x 65534 rows x 32 worksheets (Abykus CE)
  • cut, copy, paste, shift, join, insert, delete cells
  • cell comments
  • formula editor
  • debugger
  • extensive library of string, time-date, math, trig, and financial functions

  • requires less than 2 megabytes of disk space

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    Abykus SE 1.32 screenshot

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