Traction CD Menu Creator 1.20.1

Traction CD Menu Creator 1.20.1 Screenshot CD Menu Creator is a handy, user-friendly utility for making menu-driven compilation CDs.

Developer:   Traction Software
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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CD Menu Creator is a handy, user-friendly utility for making menu-driven compilation CDs. This freeware/Shareware tool has much to offer that makes it worth a look.

With an attractive tabbed interface, drag-and-drop support, simple techniques for adding and deleting tabs and files, and a quick tutorial to get you up and running, this application lets you build a menu in minutes.

You simply open Explorer and drag selected files to CD Menu Creator's List view area. The program automatically gets essential information (such as filename, version, company name, and full path) from executable files. Each menu is represented by a tab, so you can readily access it; right-clicking on a tab lets you amend it, delete it, or even add a new tab.

Traction CD Menu Creator is able to even generate TXT, HTML and CSV format lists of contents for importing into CD-R software. Other features include an expanded, well-organized HTML help system and the ability to add variable-sized bitmaps, gifs & Jpegs to your menus.

Traction CD Menu Creator features
  • Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, Windows 2 (NT5) & XP
  • Drag and Drop support of files
  • Gets the information from the exe file, i.e. filename, version, company name and full path.
  • Copies text to clipboard ready for pasting, ideal for serial numbers on compilation CD's
  • Gets the icon images from the system list of installed types and places them in the List for you.
  • Automatically resolves paths for Writing to CD
  • Verifies file paths on startup
  • Main window can be resized and positioned, this is also saved
  • Columns can be moved around to whatever order you want by dragging the list headers
  • Auto fit headers to size of content. Shortcut key 'R'
  • Auto sorting on name and also sorting on any other column.
  • Web update feature for checking for new versions of Traction CD Menu Creator.
  • Variable sized bitmaps at side (see screenshots) for every tab or just one if you want.
  • Background / Foreground color changes in list view per tab
  • Search Feature for multiple compilations, Shortcut key F3
  • Auto saves itself for ease of use.
  • Center window for different screen sizes, i.e. setup on 1024x768 but then viewed on 800x600 still centers.
  • Run program on startup, like an into screen or an mp3 file for example or whatever you want.
  • Drag window about by left mouse on any dialog area
  • Start new CD Menu, for creating new from scratch
  • Export function for exporting to CD creation path
  • Export function for exporting only 1 tab to new CD Menu for compilation CD's
  • Full HTML help
  • Background Bitmaps by loading a new bitmap. (per tab)
  • Generate html, txt and csv format lists of contents for importing into CD-R software
  • CD title for when running in CD mode only, will appear in the main window title bar.
  • Bitmap Preview in file open dialog when loading bitmaps
  • Font change for tab bar & list view per tab
  • Ability to change list headings
  • Load your own Tab Bar Icons
  • Load your own Icons into the list
  • Password Protected
  • Introduction Information Box
  • Imbedded Unzip Support
  • Imbedded Unrar Support
  • List View Transparent Bitmaps
  • 8.3 DOS Short Filename support
  • Auto fits items to window list
  • Supports GIF & JPEG Files
  • MP3 Sound Support
  • Midi Sound Support
  • Auto Migrate feature for adding lot's of files at once

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