Jukebox Screenshot Here's an easy to use jukebox to play your mp3/wav/midi/avi/wmv/wma media files.

Developer:   Glenn Delahoy
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License:   Freeware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Here's an easy to use jukebox to play your mp3/wav/midi/avi/wmv/wma media files. Just point it to your song folder and hit the Play button.

Automatically plays songs and movies in sequence or randomly. Choose your own selection of songs or let your friends pick their favourites to be played in turn.

When the selection runs out, Jukebox returns to playing its own selection; like a real jukebox. Reads and writes mp3 tags and m3u playlists. Optionally play songs only from a selected genre. Has built in mixer controls for quick adjustments.

The adjustable crossfade function keeps the music coming without a break; perfect for parties. This version has a rewritten back-end and a much nicer user interface to provide an even better jukebox-like experience

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Here's an easy to use jukebox to play your mp3/wav/midi/avi/wmv/wma media files.

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