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IsSearch 1.1.9 Screenshot The world is becoming more and more complicated day after day.

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The world is becoming more and more complicated day after day.

As we immerse into digital era, information becomes the center of our life's meaning. But there is something even more valuable then the information itself: the ability to find required information fast!
Data capacity of modern hard drives is dozens times higher then their predecessors had only a couple of years ago. Number of files stored on an average home PC often exceeds 100,000.

Taking into account the fact that data transfer technologies left almost unchanged over a decade, it seems obvious we all need better search tools to handle all this data. But is there any software solution that can actually make difference?
In fact, there is! Introducing IsSearch by, the unique search utility that takes advantage of data indexing technology available in the latest versions of Windows in order to enable end-user to search for required information within various document types real fast!
IsSearch offers all the standard search capabilities, including wildcards and logical operators such as AND, OR, NOT, NEAR. But we are talking speed and convenience of search process here and that is where IsSearch beats any competition. Thanks to custom folders indexing and multiple document format support IsSearch can find exactly what you are looking for within a blink of an eye.
Search results are displayed in the list, while clicking any item in the list shows the item in built-in viewer. The search term is highlighted so that eye-scanning the results take less time.
IsSearch powers fast searches within text files, MS Word documents, HTML-pages, MS Excel workbooks and MS Power Point presentations. But that's not all! Throw in flexible pricing policy and FREE trial version available and you get the absolute winner among search applications! Why waste your precious time and nerve on ill-thought search solutions? Why get frustrated every day? Try IsSearch today and see the difference!

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IsSearch 1.1.9 screenshot

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The world is becoming more and more complicated day after day.

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