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ipMonitor 5.9 Screenshot ipMonitor is a secure real-time network monitoring program, designed to proactively Monitor, Alert and Recover critical applications, servers and infrastructure equipment around the clock.

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ipMonitor is a secure real-time network monitoring program, designed to proactively Monitor, Alert and Recover critical applications, servers and infrastructure equipment around the clock.

When quality of service degrades, thresholds are exceeded, content patterns are detected, or failures occur, ipMonitor Alerts administrators and takes corrective action to promptly get you back in business.

ipMonitor is easy to install and configure. The step-by-step “Getting Started” checklist walks new users through an extensive product tour, common tasks configuration, and a fully integrated inline Help system.

Among many other features, ipMonitor 7 offers a secure web-based interface, Self-Signed Certificates, improved Credentials management, a SOAP interface, and a Discovery Wizard.

With over 40 monitors and more than 15 Alerting options, you can depend on ipMonitor to Monitor, Alert and Recover critical network resources, resolve outages, pinpoint performance degradations and fix them before they can affect your productivity, your customers, or your bottom line.

Here are some key features of "ipMonitor1":

  • Supports Self-Signed SSL Certificates
  • New ability to create Credentials via HTTP interface when logged in locally to the ipMonitor host machine.
  • New Clone Selection feature for increased efficiency for rapid Monitor creation.
  • New Tokens can now display 2 digit representations of the current day, month and year.
  • Improved Credential Manager displays a warning message when incompatible options are selected.
  • Newly added ability to demote a non-administrator User Account to a Guest Account.

  • Network Scan selectable discovery methods include DNS, ICMP/PING, SNMP, and TCP & UDP Port Scanning.
  • Network Scan retains results from session to session.
  • Improved QA Link Monitor supports "Link Filtering".
  • Improved QA Link Monitor is now able to download and check HTTPS links.
  • Greatly improved HTTPS Monitor.
  • Greatly improved QA SNMP Monitor.
  • Greatly improved Event Log Monitor is fully compliant with MS Event Logs.
  • Greatly improved File Monitor.
  • Greatly improved SNMP Trap Monitor.
  • Greatly improved Third Party Monitor.
  • ADO Monitor replaces ODBC.
  • Greatly improved QA HTTP Monitor.
  • Greatly improved QA FTP Monitor.
  • Each Monitor State (Up, Warn, Down, Lost) has individual Timing Parameters.

  • Information Alerts are used to filter for variable data in Event Logs, SNMP Traps, and log files.
  • Improved Third Party Alert supports setting Environment variables passed to executable files.
  • Email Alerts can now be sent to multiple recipients.
  • Alerts now support independent Failure, Recovery and Information Messages.
  • Custom Email Alert now allows the email message to be completely configured including headers, subject and body.
  • More Tokens are available for customizing ipMonitor Alerts.
  • UCP alerting has been added for European customers.

  • Services with Dependencies are now supported.
  • Environment Variables can be passed to the Reboot Server and/or Restart Service actions.

  • Email Reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Email Reports no longer require a configured "Job".
  • Reports no longer use Java to display graphs.
  • Report images are available in PNG and GIF format.

  • Whiteboard has been added to post messages and memos for other users.
  • Tags (memo fields) for every monitor, alert, account, etc. lets you leave instructions and link to resources.
  • Delayed Load Sequence & "I'm Alive" Messages.
  • New "Server Status" screen reports system variables, and is used to query regarding fixes, updates, and upgrades.

  • SNMP Tools and support for named object identifiers.
  • SOAP Interface may be used by programmers to access real-time and configuration data (supports SSL).
  • XML can be used import and export configuration settings by non-programmers.
  • RegEx Wizard builds and tests query statements for search interface and information alerts.
  • Maintenance Scheduling temporarily suspends monitors for internal or external actions.

  • Alert configuration parameters can be tested prior to going live.
  • Paging diagnostics tests pager setup.
  • Downtime Simulator tests Monitor configuration prior to going live.

  • Secure communications via New HTTP Server.
  • Supports Self-Signed SSL Certificates.
  • Supports SSL certificates generated by trusted Certificate Authorities such as FreeSSL.
  • Supports SSL certificates generated by the Microsoft Windows 2 Certificate Services "Web interface".
  • Supports SSL certificates generated by the Microsoft Management Console "Certificates" snap-in.
  • Credentials Manager protects password information when accessing resources such as NT services, drive space, event logs, etc.
  • Supports Digest Access Authentication.
  • Supports NTLM authentication with IMAP4, POP3, & HTTP, and digest authentication with HTTP.
  • Per-user access control to ipMonitor features.

  • Intel® Pentium® Processor 1.0 GHz
  • Windows® Workstation Operating System
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows 2 Professional SP3 and up
  • Windows® Server Operating System
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows 2 Server SP3 and up
    Web Browsers:
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 and up
  • Netscape® 7.5 and up
  • Opera® 7.2 and up
  • MozillaTM 1.4 and up
  • MozillaTM Firebird 0.6+ / Firefox 0.8 and up
  • 256 megabytes (MB) of RAM for 500 Monitors
  • 512 MB of RAM for 1500 Monitors.

    Optional Components:
    Modem & Telephone Line
  • SMS using TAP, SMS using UCP, and Simple Beeper Alerts require a dedicated telephone line or a telephone system that is always able to free up an outbound telephone line on demand. Software-based modems are not recommended for use with ipMonitor. Traditional 1200+ baud internal or external hardware modems have proven to be much more reliable.
    Supported SSL Certificates
  • Self-Signed Certificates
    Certificates issued by trusted certificate providers such as VeriSign® or InstantSSLTM
    Microsoft® Windows® 2 Certificate Services.

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