Hotkey Master 2.3

Hotkey Master 2.3 Screenshot Hotkey Master is a Windows shareware tool that generally accelerates your normal computer workflow.

Developer:   Mario Knok
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Hotkey Master is a Windows shareware tool that generally accelerates your normal computer workflow.

Your work in any Windows application can be greatly accelerated if you smartly use this utility. Besides this, Hotkey Master can also be used to easily access some typical Windows features.

You usually create the hotkey and assign it some system-wide key combination that activates it. You can also set the hotkey timer that activates this hotkey at specified time or even periodically at specified rate.

The third option is to show the hotkey name in the tray icon menu, so you can easily access it and activate it. You can even create a shortcut on the desktop that executes the hotkey. There is also an option to execute hotkeys with the remote control.

Each hotkey has one or more commands that are being executed sequentially.

Hotkey Master features
  • Keyboard macros that simulate high-speed keyboard typing or any key combination
  • Pasting regular text or passwords
  • Mouse events that simulate mouse movement, mouse buttons and mouse wheel
  • Run applications, documents and URL's
  • Move, resize or set other window properties
  • Send messages to windows
  • Change screen resolution, color depth or refresh rate
  • Control audio mixer (volume levels, mute keys etc.)
  • Connect or disconnect dial-up connections
  • Network command that activates network activator on the remote computer
  • Kill process
  • Stand by, log off, hibernate, restart or shut down the computer
  • Alarm messages
  • Offset timer that executs the hotkey when timer reaches zero
  • Miscellaneous commands like open/close CD tray, play sound, task switcher
  • Hotkey Master's internal commands: Show options dialog, toggle tray icon, toggle hotkeys and hotkey groups
  • Pause executon of the hotkey command until specified window appears or disappears
  • Hotkey master script commands only: File management and Registry access commands

  • 30 days trial.

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