CDBrowser 3.2

CDBrowser 3.2 Screenshot CDBrowser is a stand-alone front-end application for distributed CD-ROM disks.

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CDBrowser is a stand-alone front-end application for distributed CD-ROM disks. With CDBrowser you will be able to create complete off-line web sites which will run on any Windows 95 (or higher) computer, even if there is no web browser installed on the target machine.

Even better, CDB will seamlessly run executable (and other) files which are linked within your .html content, without putting up those annoying warnings that full-fledged web browsers do.

For example, if you are making a CD containing AutoCAD drawings, for distribution to people who you know have AutoCAD installed, href links to the .dwg files will launch AutoCAD with the file loaded. Same with .pdf files, text files, windows help files, etc.

CDBrowser was originally created for shareware authors, to create disks which would allow program installations on any target machine. But since it was first released we've been getting all sorts of people writing to tell us of other uses they have found for it. For example, business card CDs containing one's resume', collections of digital photos, etc., etc. The possibilities seem to be endless!

The separate Setup Wizard, cdb_gen.exe, allows you to tweak your presentations size, start-up file, and menu in real time. You can specify the start-up height and width (or go full screen), and there is also a borderless option.

You can work with as many different presentations as you wish, and each one's setting are retained between work sessions. The best part is that cdb_gen.exe also creates the autorun.inf file for you, with all of your preferred settings in place, ready to burn to CD-ROM!

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CDBrowser 3.2 screenshot

Download CDBrowser 3.2

 Download CDBrowser 3.2

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