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AutoRunner 2.0 Screenshot These days, electronic technologies are everywhere.

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These days, electronic technologies are everywhere. Everything from photos, texts and voices to business presentations and reports becomes digital.

Living and, what is more important, succeeding in this new era means choosing the right technologies.

It is well known that book cover sells the book itself. The same goes to digital media, especially CD and DVD. People worldwide, regardless of occupation, have realized already that creating a professional-looking, convenient, user-friendly Autorun shell helps the disk users get most out of it.

Whether the CD contains business presentation files or your summer vacation photos, it is always a good idea to provide the user with some means of navigation.

That is the point where many of us try to start making Autorun shells. At the same moment, this is the point of maximum frustration. In most cases you have to learn writing executable code or scripting language.

And that is exactly why so many people leave their CD projects unfinished. Is there a solution that may save the day?

In fact, there is! Introducing AutoRunner by LeadSign, the unique 100% visual tool, intended for creating interactive Autorun shells from scratch within seconds.

AutoRunner operates as an all-inclusive WYSIWYG Autorun shell editor, which allows you design Autorun menus visually with maximum comfort. All you do is simply drag an object (image, sound, hyperlink etc.) over your Autorun window and edit its properties using convenient in-place editors.

Then you assign action(s) to be taken when the user interacts with your object. This way, it is possible to make Autorun shell play voice message when the user hovers mouse over the menu item or open a document when he clicks appropriate button.

The application supports multiple events and actions ensuring you can do absolutely everything within your Autorun shell without having to write a single line of code!

Why waste time and nerve on ill-thought solutions? Try this software for FREE today!

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AutoRunner 2.0 screenshot

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