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RoboNanny 1.2 Screenshot You cannot always be there for your children 100%.

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You cannot always be there for your children 100%. Whether they are old enough to be on their own or not, you are constantly worrying about what are they doing right now.

We have the perfect solution, which will finally give you the peace of mind you've longed for. What you need is a home security system.

RoboNanny will help you make sure your children are always safe, with Internet broadcasting and activity recording.

RoboNanny is a computer home security and baby monitoring software.
It monitors sound level in your room via your computer microphone, broadcasts audio from the microphone over the network, and records surrounding audio, and fires sound alarms.

While connected to the Internet (even a 28.8 modem will do, but DSL or Cable is certainly better), RoboNanny can continuously broadcast your room's sounds. You can listen to what's happening in your home by simply connecting to your home IP with Windows Media Player.

If configured, RoboNanny can save all sounds louder than a user-defined threshold level to super-small WMA files to the hard drive. An hour of audio takes less than four megabytes of space.

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You cannot always be there for your children 100%.

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