P2P Backup 1.0.14

P2P Backup 1.0.14 Screenshot P2P Backup is a program developed to be used for data back-up and recovery.

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P2P Backup is a program developed to be used for data back-up and recovery.

When was the last time you made a backup of your personal photos, movies or documents? Do you keep all valuable data on CD's stored next to your computer?

P2P Backup is an attempt to solve these problems. When more and more people have access to broadband connections it is now a realistic option to store large amounts of data online. However, most online backup services are expensive to use and limit the storage to a few hundred megabytes.

When registering with P2P Backup you allow another P2P Backup user to store his backup on your computer while you are allowed to store your files on his. All files are encrypted so no one but you can read the content. To add additional safety it is possible to distribute backup data to several other users. In that way, if something happens with the data stored on one of the computers, the backup is still available on one of the others.

Create a free account and download the client to get started!

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P2P Backup 1.0.14 screenshot

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P2P Backup is a program developed to be used for data back-up and recovery.

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