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Network Eagle 4.9.435 Screenshot Network Eagle is a powerful network service monitor.

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Network Eagle is a powerful network service monitor.

It is able to monitor state of servers and various remote services over the network. In case the state of monitored object has changed, Network Eagle is able to send various notification events or perform some actions.

Network Eagle is a tool that monitor network service.

Network Monitoring Master – is a powerful tool intended for simplifying the network services monitoring and increasing the network performance stability.
Network Monitoring Master – a powerful tool, capable of monitoring the state of various remote network services, sending various alerts and performing some actions in case of any network problems.

When maintaining large-scale networks, it is utterly important to ensure the network performance stability. It is a complicated and routine task. That is why we have designed Network Monitoring Master.

The user creates a categorized list of checks on a set-and-forget basis and the program runs them at regular intervals. Based on the checking results, various alerts are activated, allowing you to make prompt decisions and save your time.

The developers have paid special attention to the program’s interface, making it ultimately intuitive and convenient. The program can be run as a regular desktop application or as NT service application. In the latter case, it is possible to run the service on the server and operate it from the administrator’s computer.

In addition to standard checking procedures, such as ICMP, TCP port, HTTP, FTP and disk space usage, Network Monitoring Master can check databases, network printers, RAS servers. Network Monitoring Master also performs the checking of remote processes/NT services.

You can easily upgrade the program and write your own checks and alerts using VB, JS or Perl script. The program also provides a range of other useful features, such as: network printer checking, RAS service checking etc; a convenient and flexible alerting system; advanced logging of all check/alert events (including automated log rotation support); tracking various check statistics; exporting the data into XML and HTML formats etc. A set of handy wizards will assist administrators of large networks setup Network Monitoring Master for minutes.

Here are some key features of "Network Eagle Monitor":

  • Experienced systems administrators are able to setup and running Network Monitoring Master within an hour.
  • Network Monitoring Master provides you with very flexible monitoring checks allowing you to monitor critical aspects of your network servers.
  • A variety of useful wizards are available.
  • Most useful alarms can be configured beforehand and stored in special repository.
  • Advanced logging of all check/alarm events (including automatic log rotation support).
  • Separation of checks into groups and flexible groups support.
  • Support of automatic start/stop checking depending on the result of other checks.
  • Notification about events occured by a tray-icon blinking or a popup-window on a local PC.
  • Tracking of various check statistics.
  • Export check data to XML and HTML formats.
  • Ability to run as the Windows NT service.

  • Processor Pentium 166MHz or higher
  • Memory 32 MB
  • Display with at least VGA resolution (640x480 pixels)
  • Windows NT, 2, XP, 2003

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