IP-Tools 2.50

IP-Tools 2.50 Screenshot IP-Tools offers many TCP/IP utilities in one program.

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IP-Tools offers many TCP/IP utilities in one program.

This award-winning program can work under Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP and is indispensable for anyone who uses the Internet or Intranet.

IP-Tools includes 17 utilities:

- Local Info - examine the local host and show info about processor, memory, Winsock data, etc
- Connection Monitor - displays information about current TCP,UDP network connections
- NetBIOS Info - get NetBIOS information about network interfaces (local and remote computers)
- NB Scanner - shared resources scanner
- Name Scanner - scan all hostnames under range of IP addresses
- Port Scanner - scan network(s) for active TCP based services
- UDP Scanner - scan network(s) for active UDP based services
- Ping Scanner - ping a remote hosts over the network
- Trace - trace the route to a remote host over the network
- WhoIs - obtain information on names from the Network Information Center
- Finger - finger one or more users at a remote host
- LookUp - look up domain names according to its IP address or an IP address from its domain name
- GetTime - get time from time servers (also it can setup correct time on local system)
- Telnet - telnet client
- HTTP - HTTP client
- IP-Monitor - show in real time graphics for TCP,UDP,ICMP In,Out,Error packets
- Host Monitor - monitoring the up/down status of selected hosts.


  • Program allows multitask operation - You may use all utilities at the same time.
  • Many utilities can obtain information from a single host, from all hosts within a range of IP addresses (ex. - or work with list of hosts and IP addresses.
  • IP-Tools can save obtained information into text file or create cool HTML reports.
  • Highly intuitive interface makes operation easy for users
  • Easy Install / Upgrade / Uninstall program
  • After registration you gain the right to use ALL future IP-Tools updates and releases, on the same OS platform, in the registered mode.

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    IP-Tools 2.50 screenshot

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