DJ Jukebox 23.0

DJ Jukebox 23.0 Screenshot DJ Jukebox is a powerful playlist generator and media file manager.

Developer:   Gammadyne Software
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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DJ Jukebox is a powerful playlist generator and media file manager. Each song can be assigned a rating so that favorites are played more often, or that an unwanted song is never played.

On a network, DJ Jukebox can remote control the media player on a different computer. Playlists can be created automatically or manually, and saved for later retrieval. Powerful file management tools can move or rename song files and entire directories.

A global search and replace operation can be performed on all song filenames. A click of the mouse can send keystrokes, playing instructions, and volume changes to the server's media player. DJ Jukebox supports all media players, all media file types, commercials, repetition prevention.

DJ Jukebox features
  • Works with all versions of Windows® 95, 98, NT4, 2, ME, XP, and 2003.
  • The information about your song collection is stored in a "Project" file. You can keep as many of these projects on your hard drive as you wish. You can also import songs from one project to another.
  • All songs on your hard drive can be added to the Song Table in one simple step.
  • There are two ratings columns: one for when you are alone, and one for when you have guests.
  • Songs that were not recorded properly can be marked as "bad". This allows you to prevent the song from being chosen for a playlist without removing it from the song table.
  • The song table can be checked for errors, such as a nonexistent file or illegal rating.
  • The songs can be located on a network computer (no drive mapping is required).
  • If you have a separate entertainment server, it can be shut down remotely. If the server has a network card with the Wake On LAN feature, it can be powered up remotely.
  • Playlists can be saved for later retrieval.
  • Identical songs can be identified and deleted.
  • The complete list of artists, albums, and songs can be printed.
  • The Remote Control feature can be incorporated into third-party programs. The help file describes the syntax of all commands and explains how they can be sent to a DJ Jukebox server.
  • You can generate and play playlists with a command line parameter. This is especially useful in creating Desktop shortcuts.

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